The adoption and implementation of an integrated e-learning ecosystem are also central to e-SHE’s mission of transforming higher education in Ethiopia’s public universities. Working closely with Arizona State University and the Ministry of Education, the Program is developing a scalable platform that offers an effective learning experience serving as the primary access point for students and faculty alike. This comprehensive system encompasses a portal for content access and an e-learning platform for interactive learning experiences.

Arizona State University will be collaborating closely with the local e-SHE team and all 50 public universities to craft an innovative framework that prioritizes both functionality and user experience. By leveraging insights from stakeholders and best practices in educational technology, the Program is poised to set a new standard for digital learning environments. 

Furthermore, the Program encompasses a universal e-learning information system, tailored to meet the unique needs of university staff and ICT professionals. This comprehensive system empowers administrators with the data, insights, and tools necessary to effectively organize, evaluate, and optimize their e-learning Programs, ensuring seamless operation and sustained success.

The e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE) is a multistakeholder initiative owned by the MoE, intended to boost the relevance, quality, access, and resilience of higher education in Ethiopia.



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